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PyData Global Talk: Computations as Assets - a New Approach to Reproducibility and Transparency

Acceleration of Machine Learning Pipeline Using Parallel Computing

Changelog 2021.9.10.dev1

Changelog 2021.4.1.dev1

PyCon Talk: Video of Corona Lockdown using Exax

Job Objects: The Keys to Data and Results

Urd Example - Part 3: Appending New Columns to an Existing Dataset Chain

Urd Example - Part 2: Let Urd Keep Track of Datasets

Urd Example - Part 1: Plain Import of a List of Files

Being Reproducible:
From Input Data to Result and Back

Fast Parsing of the Kaggle CORD-19 Dataset

Accelerator Installation

Processing a Billion Row Dataset on an Inexpensive Workstation

The Accelerator's Build System

Parallel Image Processing using the Accelerator: The Basics

The Accelerator and Maximising Performance on Modern Computers

Accelerator Release Statement on Ebay Tech Blog