Build and Runtime Environment

The Accelerator is built, tested, and runs on:

but is in no way limited to these systems or versions.


We are working on a PyPi installation, but for now, please use this two step guide to install the Accelerator using git:

  1. Install dependencies. On Debian and Ubuntu do
    sudo apt-get install build-essential python-dev python3-dev zlib1g-dev git virtualenv
  2. Clone the repository and run the setup script
    git clone
    cd accelerator-project_skeleton

    Please read and modify this script according to your needs.

Done. The Accelerator is now ready for use.

For a more comprehensive installation guide, please see the skeleton installation manual.

The script will clone both the accelerator-gzutil and the main accelerator repositories. The gzutil library will be set up in virtual environments for Python2 as well as Python3, and the Accelerator will be set up as a git submodule to the project_skeleton repository.